Our passion starts with the love of cars as well. We know your project is your passion too and it’s really important for you. We’re working on it like if it was our car, making every detail important. Having the same vision than you do before starting a project is very important so we're heading to the right place. Trust us for the biggest part of your project and let’s make your dream come true together.

Give a new life to your car with a nice color change or just refresh your paint. Ordering new parts and need them color match or simply need to fix a dent or scratch? We specialized into car painting. The finish of your car represents the quality of the work, it really matters to us. We won’t let you go if you are not satisfied with it. Plus, we are using Axalta ® top quality products that not only look good, but are also durable.

At Artwork Bodyshop, our imagination has no limit. Customizing is our passion and we’ll be very happy if you let us customize your project according to your need. From metal work to custom paint, we’re there to accomplish your challenge. We can customize your front fenders, enlarge them, cut and install overfender, develop a new product or install one of our custom products in store. Tell us about your idea, we will be happy to realize it.

Browse our store to find existing custom products, and if you have an idea about something we could do for you, contact us we’ll work together to make it happen.

Want to give a fresh new skin to your car, bike or parts ? A professional compound is a good and cheap way to renew your paint. It can remove a scratch on your clear-coat if the paint is not affected. Leaving Artwork Bodyshop with a fresh and clean car will make you smile and that’s what we want.