Installation & Assembly Instructions


If you have any doubts about your ability to install an Artwork Bodyshop custom parts, we recommend you to have a qualified shop to install your parts. However, we strongly recommend you to insist that the shop follows our installation instructions to the letter. Using the hardware kit we provided with custom parts is also strongly recommended.


We will not be responsible of any damage our product could incur to your car. A proper installation using, not only our hardware and recommendation, but also your common sense and good judgement will never lead to loose our products on the street.

Our installation instructions is a general way to install our products on most of vehicles. You should never drive the car after the installation if you are not 100% sure of the strength of it on your bumper. Let the car to a professional so he can do the adjustments if needed.


If you need a specific installations instructions, please refer to details section of this product.


Front splitters aren’t only used for their nice aggressive look they gave to your bumper. They are generally used for track racing to increase handling and stability. At high speed, the air is an important factor in driving. Air that goes under the car will lift the vehicle, which decreases traction. A front splitter will deflect air direction and will help to add positive downforce.

Also, the front splitter is a good way to protect your pricy bumper and actual lip. As well it’s known to make a lower effect on the front and also the side of your vehicle.