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What are winglets

Form and function

Winglets are vertical 1/4" thick wings bolted each sides of the splitters and comes with the same finish than the splitter you ordered.

At higher speed, they will help direct the air each sides of the bumper and improve the aerodynamics of the splitters. Indeed they are also a great way to add a nice touch of aggressivity to your car.


Our two sizes, 6" and 8", are developed to fit most of our splitters. When the models allows it, you can even add them to your side splitters or rear spats. The measure is the lenght, not the height. Both options measure 2.5'' high.

In some case we are not offering the option because it would deform the shape and design of the product, wich would be against our concept to follow the bumper’s shape while adding a touch of aggressivity.

They will always come assembled (otherwise customer’s request) with stainless steel flat head bolts. 6" ones has 2 bolts and 8" has 3.


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