About Our Products

Trust Our Product

When you buy an Artwork Splitter, you buy peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about your bumpers or skirts anymore; our 10mm thick high-density polyethylene splitters will protect your car against scraping or bigger damage. Forget ABS, aluminum, fiberglass or carbon fiber splitters, they will crack, bend or broke in pieces if you bump anything.

In fact, our lip splitters are flexible and impact resistant. That means that they will never crack or broke so you will never have to change your lip anymore.

Artwork Design

We develop our splitters in order to respect the design and shapes of every cars while adding aggressivity and style. Each lines and radius have been thoughtfully trace. Sharp angles and smooth rounded edge, their look is perfectly balanced to add downforce and character to your vehicles.

Reflect who you are

Do you want a unique car that stands out from others?

Here, you can personalize your splitters to suits your car perfectly. We offer 3 different finishes; matte black, gloss black, or color matched. As a professional Bodyshop, we are proud of our products and the finish is extremely important to us. Whatever finish you go for; we use high quality paint and it will never fade or peel off.

Another way to customize your lip is to add winglets; offered in 6’’ or 8’’ on many models, they will definitely add an aggressive touch to your car if it’s the style you are looking for.