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Front Splitter - Acura TL 04-08

$395.00 CAD

*Silver and blue TL has agressive splitter model
*Brown and White TL has normal splitter model
*Green bumper have gerzy bear splitter model

Aggresive and normal splitters has the same shape but the agressive one stick out 1.5'' more than the normal model. The gerzy bear splitter is designed to fit only on gerzy after market bumper.

Kit Includes
Front Splitter
Fitting kit (Plastic Spacer & Stainless Steel Hardware)
Assembly and installation instructions

10mm Thick HDPE Polyethylene
Flexible and impact resistant.

  • Matte Black that matches any OEM trim black finish
  • Gloss Black
  • Color Match

***If you choose color match option, please provide your color code in the comment section when you place your order.

Winglets will come assembled, with the same finish than your product. If you want them in another color, please contact us. See more about winglets here.

Why installing a splitter?
Front splitters aren’t only used for their nice aggressive look they gave to your bumper. They are generally used for track racing to increase handling and stability. At high speed, the air is an important factor in driving. Air that goes under the car will lift the vehicle, which decreases traction. A front splitter will deflect air direction and will help to add positive downforce.

Also, the front splitter is a good way to protect your pricy bumper and actual lip. As well it’s known to make a lower effect on the front and also the side of your vehicle.


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